Results for election #15 "Membership Vote for Pending Sponsors (2015 May)"

Membership Vote for Pending Sponsors

The candidate Sponsor Members listed below were recommended for approval by the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors. Following the ballot choices is a detailed description of the organization (the submit button is after the descriptions, so scroll down for it).

Sponsor Member Candidates

Intel yes no abstain
New Relic yes no abstain
Pickaweb, Ltd. yes no abstain


Intel has a long history of enabling programming languages like C, Fortran, & Javascript. It is a leading contributor to open source for linux kernel, webkit, and gcc. Intel wants to extend its work to python, with contributions to python, standard library, packages, tools, and infrastructure. Python is a well known and widely used programming language across Intel. The SAT team works with Python extensively to enhance open source scripting languages like Python through software products for developers.

Intel is committed to supporting the open source Python community. We intend to promote the growth of Python programming language through our involvement and contributions in volunteer work, code, participations in events & conferences, and meaningful engagement with the members of the community. Our plan is to provide software products and tools to support the programming efforts of Python developers and advance the scope and future of Python.

New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real time. Our comprehensive SaaS-based solution provides one powerful interface for web and native mobile applications and consolidates the performance monitoring data for any chosen technology in your environment. Our APM (Application Performance Management) offering has dedicated agents developer teams in Ruby/Rails, Node, PHP, Java, .NET and, of course, Python. The Python team has particularly dedicated engineers who have many years of experience, and also give back to the community through code, speaking, writing, and community organization. As the Director of the Community and Evangelism team at New Relic, I am very fortunate to engage with these team members as well as have some dedicated budget to support the organizations that we believe in. These include meetup groups, user groups, foundations, and organizations for open source projects, women in technology, and learning opportunities for everyone.

Pickaweb, Ltd.

We provide python support with all our hosting services, thousands of customers use our cloud VPS/Dedicated server to host core python application. We are looking to develop our python offering, because customers have been asking for help with frameworks like Django, weepy etc Apart from other languages we give more preference for python because of its Compatibility with other platforms.

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